Slot Machine Algorithm

Have you ever wondered how slot machines actually work? The mechanical slot machines are rarely found in any of the casinos today. These old mechanical slots had real reels that would spin while displaying symbols and numbers. If a machine stops when a number is repeated in a row in all reels, the player will win. Today the new video slots are completely programmed and have no mechanical elements in the system. There are different myths about slot machines about increasing the chances of winning. But can the new slot machines be manipulated for the wins? All such questions will be answered below.

History of slot machines

Before the video and internet slot games were introduced, the slot machines worked using an electromechanical system. It has special breaking systems and sensors that analyzed the combination of the symbols. Today the electromechanical machines are replaced with electric machines. These new electronic slot games have a built-in engine that can work automatically. Unlike the levels in the old slot machines that were fully functional and mechanical, the levers today work like switches to trigger a digital spin. The sensors, however, follow the same principle. Most of the slot machines that you can find in a casino are completely computerized. The combinations on the screen occur using a Random Number Generator. The same RNGs are used for online slot games as well.

What is RNG?

Random Number Generator is a program that creates random outcomes when a user clicks a button. It uses an algorithm that determines the outcome that will appear on the screen. It is a completely random process where the user or the casino has no control over the outcome. Even though the slot machines come with different RTPs, the principle of RNG remains the same. The mechanism for the generator is updated with every modern gaming software.

Throughout the years, mathematicians, programmers, and psychologists have worked to create different types of RNGs that can be found in different types of slot machines. The same RNGs have been used for years due to their high reliability. At the same time, some new RNGs have emerged that offer better RTP to the players. The most popular RNG used in slot machines today is a 128-bit md5 algorithm created by a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Is RNG trustworthy?

Slot Machine Algorithm

The digital slot machines today are meant to offer better rewards to the players with tons of features. Since digital slot games are completely based on programming, the developers make sure that they can add as many winning chances in the game as they can without losing money. Most of the top casino operators allow players to test the games using testing software. These tools can be useful in identifying where the games are rigged. That is why it is easy to find out if the RNG can be trusted.